“My mission is to help people tend their dreams, both professionally and personally.”

Anita Brooks Speaking
Practical/Inspirational Fresh Starts
How I achieve my mission is simple. I help organizations and people uncover and resolve issues that cost them time, energy, resources, and money–I call these invisible drains. I coach leaders and individuals to avoid ditch-hopping, moving from one extreme to another, which can stop momentum in its tracks. At the core of our efforts, we need to remember, we all influence someone, the question is, are we influencing well?
My style is approachable, practical, and doable. The how-to’s, techniques, unique ideas, encouragement, and teaching secrets I offer are proven through my work with satisfied clients all over the world. Leaders say I’ve helped increase their profits and motivated them to live with greater meaning. My great joy is to guide individuals to find the balance between peace at home and fulfillment in their endeavors.
One thing I offer that many coaches, trainers, speakers, and authors don’t? Decades of study and insight into human personality and how it impacts every aspect of our lives. In business, as in life and love, it’s never too late to make a fresh start with fresh faith.
How can I help you and/or your group excel with rare courage and real passion?
Anita Brooks, CPT, CTF, CCS