Anita’s Thyroid Protocol

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This is a different kind of post, based on numerous requests for me to share my thyroid protocol. Whether you are experiencing any major health issues or not, if you want a healthier, happier you in 2018, then you might consider this program.
***Though my thyroid protocol is all natural, I strongly suggest you talk to your doctor about any dietary changes or supplements before incorporating them. I am not a physician and am not dispensing medical advice. I am simply sharing what worked for me. Now, to the program…
Thyroid Healing ProtocolSo with my heavy work load over the past several weeks, I’ve not followed up on a promise. I failed to give you the core information on my thyroid protocol. For 90 days I followed this program stringently, lost almost thirty pounds, felt great, and my thyroid numbers improved drastically. (See the basic outline of the first thirty days in my process to your right or access it here: Anita’s Thyroid Nutritional Protocol Month 1 PDF.)
My research also led me to several articles touting the advantages of this kind of nutritional lifestyle for improving the heart, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and other inflammatory diseases, especially when turmeric is involved. These are not my claims, I’m just sharing those of others. Google any of the items on my outline, and you’ll find supporting articles from studies and experts. I did this for my health, but shedding several excess pounds the natural way was a nice side-benefit. 
Thyroid Healing ProtocolSome of what I’m sharing came from these books: The Hashimoto Protocol, written by Izabella Wentz, FASCP, The Thyroid Adrenal Revolution by Aviva Romm, M.D., and What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Hypothyroidism by Ken Blanchard, M.D., P.h.D. with Marietta Abrams Brill. But I mixed in other well-researched data as well, to find what worked for me. 
After my initial 90 days, I took a couple of weeks off. I wasn’t horrible in my eating (most of the time) but I can tell you, the difference in letting my guard down was marked. I think my main triggers are gluten, soy, and sugar. (Each time I ingested any of these three, I felt the difference within minutes, sometimes seconds.)
Thyroid Healing ProtocolBy paying close attention to the signals from my body, I also found that dairy doesn’t seem to be an issue, while caffeine and alcohol play a very minor role in my every day diet. But I do know I need to monitor and limit these as well. 
After testing this in my own life, not only am I a believer, but my doctor is now a believer, too. This program worked for me! When I follow this thyroid protocol, I am healthier and stronger — I feel alive again. 
So I’ve climbed back on the bandwagon — no food is worth losing the energy, strength, and clarity I gained when removing triggering foods and adding naturally healing replacements. Plus, I don’t want my clothes getting tighter again. 
I have a publishing deadline for my fifth book on March 1st, so I must delay something else I’d like to share with you. Hopefully, I’ll be able to offer an eBook with recipes, things I added in the second and third months of my personal protocol, along with other tips, the week I hit send on my manuscript. In the meantime, I pray 2018 brings you greater peace, health, joy, and prosperity. Don’t forget — it’s never too late for a fresh start with fresh faith!
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