Author and Speaker Anita Brooks
Photo Credit — Karen Barnes Jordan
As an author who wishes to engage with my readers, I often make myself available for interviews and book club presentations. If you would like me to attend your next event, feel free to reach out. I live in Missouri, but travel often as an international speaker, and there’s always technology.
I can attend your book club via Google Hangouts, Skype, or telephone. Feel free to shoot me an email at to check my overall availability. Wanna hang out with me?
If you want to make it fun, I’m always open to an online or face-to-face Personality Party. As a Certified Personality Trainer, I offer a unique way to dig deeper into who you are, and how you can make a difference in the world. With hands-on activities and laughter, it takes learning to a whole new thrilling level. Would you like to party with me?
My profile is listed on the Book Club Reading List, an internationally acclaimed resource for book clubs from all over the world. I’ll offer story examples, and insider tidbits. In addition to being a speaker and author, I’m also an Inspirational Coach on matters of business, life, and love. My goal is to help others unearth their hidden talents and buried potential. Can I inspire your group in this way?