My New Podcast Launch: Tending Your Dreams

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I confess, I once felt the sting of jealousy over people I saw living out their dreams. It’s a terrible thing to feel deep inside as if you are made for something more, or there’s a greater purpose for you, but you just cannot figure it out.

But as I began to reflect on my childhood, I recalled my love of reading, so much so, that I loved the idea of it before I could even do it. I actually cried because I was so desperate to know how to read.

In books, I discovered I could escape, I could learn things, I could overcome. Reading unlocked an amazing world for me. And books taught me how to dream bigger. I’m a classic poor country girl who was raised on hard work ethics, creative pursuit, and Christian values. You can get a glimpse of my background here.

But I understand, reading may not be your particular passion.

Consider these questions:

  • What is that thing that gets your blood pumping or gets you out of bed in the morning?
  • So what if it’s geeky?
  • Who cares whether other people are interested in what excites you or not?

This is your dream—not theirs.

Have you allowed the dirt of life to cover your dream? Dig it up.

This episode’s Dream Planting Tips:

Listen to the podast and/or read more here . . .

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