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My One WordIf you follow me, you know how excited I get about my annual One Word focus. But I don’t choose my word, it’s actually chosen for me. How?

When I start seeing and hearing a particular word, I start paying closer attention and praying to see if it’s “the one”.  But even after God clearly reveals the word, I never truly understand the meaning behind the choice, until I can view the year in hindsight.

In late fall/early winter 2015, Rise kept crossing my path. I soon knew it was my 2016 word. I thought I knew what it meant, but a few months in, I realized I was going to have to rise above some really tough situations. And things were already rough, as we struggled to protect one of our grandsons from things no child should endure.

I was in another Jobette season, where life knocks you down, but you struggle back to your knees, only to have another tsunami of crisis sweep your feet from beneath you. But no circumstance can keep you down when God is on your side. He may let you go through hard times, but He will not leave you alone or forsake you to deal with it by yourself.

In 2017, Reset became my One Word focus. It kept me clear and centered, so that no matter what we faced, (and true to pattern, it was a lot), day by day, step by step, choice by choice, and prayer by prayer, I began to climb out of the murky madness. Relationally, financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically, I mercifully made progress.

Though life isn’t perfect, and there’s much more work to be done, I’m getting there. And one of the areas I’m most excited about is my health.

When Reset was unveiled, I had no idea I would need a complete health overhaul. It was another example of One Word surprises — something I’m now accustomed to. But life’s an adventure, right?

In April, I saw a doctor about the lump on my neck. I’d read and researched enough to feel confident it was my swollen thyroid, and the physician confirmed. He ordered an ultrasound. But only three days later, my husband had an early morning heart attack.

Thankfully, I was home and not speaking in another state, so at my insistence, my stubborn man went to the hospital. When he didn’t argue, I knew it was serious. Sure enough, the first hospital referred him to another, where they discovered both 95% and 40% blockages in his arteries. Stents, great surgeons, and a greater God saved him. But of course, this meant my health issues were put on hold.

When I finally saw my doctor again, a few months later, I had read a couple of interesting books and wanted to try a completely natural treatment, versus jumping into man-made chemicals. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for modern medicine, but sometimes I think we grab for easy pills, instead of at least trying to work with God’s built-in healing mechanisms.

So for both my body’s sake and financial reasons, with my doctor’s approval, I chose to try a natural thyroid protocol. I based it on hours of research, and the core foundation of a book titled, Hashimoto’s Protocol, by Izabella Wentz. For almost 90 days, I’ve stringently watched what entered my body, and protected it fiercely from outside stressors and physical pressures. (This is day 80.) I’m thrilled to report it worked.

I’ve run out of room today, but be assured and stay tuned, because I will talk about this in more detail very soon. And I will offer you specifics regarding what I’ve done to reset my body’s internal thermometer, plus I’ll share some health results. I’m not a physician or pharmacist, so I am not suggesting treatment for anyone else, only sharing what worked for me. If you’re interested in trying this for yourself, see your doctor, and make medically informed decisions.

This year, my One Word once again surprised me, but this time, in a very exciting way. I don’t despise the tough times, because every challenge, as well as every celebration, teaches me something. And when I’m open and listening to it, everything I experience, helps shape my abundant purpose for breathing on this planet.

Do you do a One Word focus? If so, what is your current One Word?

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