Why On Earth Do I Exist?

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God wired a need for purpose into the human condition, and there is nothing more frustrating than to feel as if you are stuck or stumbling mindlessly through life. I met with two different friends recently, and as happens most of the time, purpose came up in the conversations. 
One friend began to cry when she described how lethargic she felt, and expressed her concern that she had no idea what she was supposed to do with her life.
  • Was she already fulfilling it and just blind to see the purpose?
  • Was she missing a greater plan?
  • Was she supposed to make a move, but allowing the fear of the unknown to hold her back?
  • Wasn’t she supposed to have some special talent or ability? Because she didn’t think she did.
  • Did she have to do something big and great in the eyes of the world for her life to have meaning?
  • Did she even have a call to fulfill a higher purpose?
  • How could someone like her make any kind of a difference? Especially feeling like she did and in the state she was in.
These are common concerns, and ones I’m exploring answers to, as I write my new book, Exceedingly: Stories, Skills, and Strategies for Unearthing Your Abundant Purpose.
I know what it feels like to lack a sense of meaning and fulfillment — but conversely, I know what it feels like to unearth your purpose, and begin to live according to God’s greater plan. I’ll take door #2 every time. It may not look like it now, but I’m personally familiar with the questions raised above, because I’ve asked them plenty of times about my own life.  
We are all wired to make a difference. Some are made to do big, splashy, public things, while others often discount their impact, because their talents come in smaller, private, unrecognized ways.
Whether it’s offering a smile to a sad person, giving anonymously to someone in need, picking up the phone to talk with an old friend or acquaintance, delivering a meal to a hungry person, sending a note or card in the mail, or falling on your knees to lift another human being up, do not despise your purpose in every day life. Who knows, your small, secret, selfless act, may change another person’s outlook — in some cases, it could even save a life. 
The statistics and evidence on how loneliness affects us are profound, and yet they hold the key to discovering our purpose. Why on earth do I exist? Why do you you exist?
When we give of ourselves, we give to ourselves — and we begin unlayering the reason we were created. We exist to help fill others, and as we do, we begin to realize our own emptiness is disappearing, too. We can get through anything, as long we can find a purpose to fulfill.
What do you do for other people, even acts so small you feel like they aren’t that important? How does it make you feel when you see the reactions of those on the receiving end of your kindness?
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Anita Agers Brooks motivates 21st century women and men to dynamic break-throughs, blending mind, heart, body, and spirit, as an Inspirational Business/Life Coach, International Speaker, Certified Personality Trainer, and Common Trauma Expert.

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