We all have different gifts, and we all need help with something. What are your needs?Anita Brooks Writer
I can’t remove your gall bladder, I can’t fix your car, but I can help you write. Maybe you’d like assistance starting a catchy blog, creating a stand-out job resume’, drafting a stellar book proposal, inventing a head-turning marketing campaign, building an attention-getter business proposal, or even turning your creative concept into a page-turning book.
Whatever help you need where words are concerned, together, we can get it done quickly, creatively, and cost-effectively.
What Readers WantDon’t let another day pass feeling overwhelmed by an unfinished, or unstarted writing project. No need to let desperation paralyze you. That’s why God gave us different gifts, so we can lend a supporting hand. To the list in the image on your left, I’d add, readers in the 21st century are also hungry for spiritual application. This is a unique piece I add to what I write. If you’re stifled to know how to meld the practical and emotional with the spiritual, then I’m your gal.
For customized rates, please email a summary of your needs to anita@anitabrooks.com. I look forward to helping you breathe easier.
Remember, “In business, as in life and love, it’s never too late for a Fresh Start with Fresh Faith.”